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Topic says it all, looking for a '95 Hyundai Sonata manual, my grandfather just bought one for $350, he's a great mechanic (i myself know nothing about cars) and he's trying to fix it up but there is something wrong with the camshaft positioning sensor. He has been asking me for days to check this out on the internet and i've been trying -- usually when he fixes up a car I can find the service manual in minutes but with this car i'm having trouble finding a reliable manual via google.

I found a few good ones but none say anything about this sensor, the closest I can get is information about the timing belt.

He is not entirely sure what is wrong with the car, and thats a first i've heard from him -- from what he has told me it starts but it wont 'turn over' -- he is not even entirely sure if it is the sensor, but it is something electrical.

All in all, I would ask for specific help but i'm not entirely sure what he needs, nor is he I think... Sooo does anyone have a service manual of some sorts? I have found 2 or 3 through google and they were very informative, but not specific enough.

Thanks in advance! =)
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