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1987 Hyundai Stellar 2.0 is leaking oil down the drivers side of the engine (possibly elsewhere) & it's mixing into the coolant (but coolant is not getting into the oil, so far) so it's time to look at replacing seals sooner rather than later so it doesn't blow up.

It's a free-to-me car with a book value of $500, so it's not worth paying a shop to fix it. I'm looking at tackling this with a friend who has a lot more mechanic experience than I.

According to wiki, this is the engine code:
Mitsubishi Sirius engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, does that make this the seal kit I need?

If not, any recommendations?

Also, anything else I should be replacing or likely Need to replace while we're doing this job? I've never done this (but not afraid to do it/try) & am just trying to plan ahead so I can have all necessary parts and tools on hand. ie If pulling the engine is required, as I assume it is, should I be replacing engine mounts at the same time? Stuff like that that I might not have thought of. Any input/advice is appreciated.

And yes, I'll send the head to a machine shop and have it machined flat before reinstalling - I know that much. :)

Or should I be considering something like this:

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