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Has anyone tried fitting 15 inch wheels on a 2012 Tucson?

I will be using the Tucson in a location that has some rough paved roads but mostly dirt roads with ruts and some sandy areas and maximum driving speeds of 30-50mph. So I would like to use the same overall diameter but higher sidewall 215/75x15 On/Off road traction tires if the wheels would fit over the brakes and suspension.

On my 2007 Honda Accord that uses 215/50x17 wheels and tires, I was able to use 205/65x15 Arctic Alpin snows with no problem, but on my wife's BMW 3-series, when they went to 16 inch wheels as standard, they added fins on the front brake calipers so the previous year's 15 inch snow tires no longer fit. Is this the case with the Tucson?

I am fairly certain a 215/70x16 would work if the 15 does not, but would like the sidewall height of the higher profile tire for the conditions where it will be used.

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