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Hi All,
2014 Elantra GT - 40k miles
I bought new wheels, tires, and TPS from Discount Tire Online in December, and installed them early January.
The low pressure light has never picked up the new TPS, so it is continually on.
From what I have read, there are 2 scenarios when it comes to TPS (please correct me if I'm mistaken):
  1. The car auto learns them with no programing intervention (true for my 13' Elantra GLS).
  2. The TPS need to be 'relearned' with a special tool

The tires & sensors have been on for many miles at this point, so it seems evident it won't automatically learn them.
I took it to a Discount Tire shop and had them try 'relearning/programming' them.
It failed but I was left with a handful of questions at this point.

I was told my TPS is '7003A or 7002A'.
Supposedly either is correct for a 2014 GT
When attempting to program them, the person helping me said the relearn tool wants to know if it's a GT or a GT Touring.
Neither seemed to make a difference, and I was ultimately told I would have to take it to the dealer to handle.

Now before I go to the dealer, I was hoping someone with some knowledge on the matter could help arm me with some info.
The 2014 GT did have to be programmed specially by the dealer for a new FOB - aftermarket ones would not work. So I feel like there's a precedent for having to take it to the dealer for computer related stuff.
Does anyone know if this is true?
Does anyone know which model of TPS the 2014 GT works with?

When I bought the TPS, it didn't have me pick, it just said the vendor would provide ones that worked with my car. However, when dealing with them, I had 2 different salesmen tell me different things, and disagree on which model to send me - so I don't totally trust that they sent me the right TPS.

Basically, I'm just trying to find out if this car is a big baby that has to have the dealer do everything for it, or if maybe my vendor sent me the wrong parts.

I appreciate any info you guys might have.

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What happen to the originals that was on the car ??

TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

TPMS = Tire Pressure Monitor System

I will tell you that Elantra in general been big PIA with sensor replacement, and overall system monkey business

I had UD/MD from one of our other stores,, light on, 3 channel fail,, got 3 new sensor, put them in tires, went to register,, NO GO,, got 2 ID pulled (new sensor) ,,, 1 new would not register, along with 4th (original)

Ended up at part counter with the exciter box, and took all the sensors from drawer, and out of the 5 we had, I was able to read the 1st and 5th,, that made 4 ID in the tool... wrote ID's,, put the 2 sensor in the wheels, no light, and made it down street,, BYE BYE car !!

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I apologize, TPMS (I'll go revise my details).
The old sensors are on the old tire/wheels.
I bought a whole new setup for winter swapping.
Can I tell anything about the original TPMS from the valve stem alone?

Looks like Edits are only allowed for a short time - can't revise my title and details :/
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