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You are gonna get absolutely raped on selling it. EVERY potential customer is going to think thre's something major wrong with it, and that's why you are selling. Used, expect to lose a few grand right there. No 'Best Warranty in America' because the 100k is not transferable, expect to lose a few grand. No low 2.9% financing to get a Used car loan, expect to lose a few grand there. You will be lucky to sell at $5k less than what you bought for, IMO.

Slightly used cars used to be a good deal. Nowadays, with non-transferable warrties and low intrest rates when financing New, they are often a worse deal than buying new. And everyone knows it. Do you hate the car so much to lose a few thousand over it in 3 weeks?

Now is the time for you to repent in leisure. In the 2010 car of the year!

That said, i'll offer you $18k.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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