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Well once again my 09 Sonata v6 is in the shop. For engine knocking and tapping. Now I'll see what they say tomorrow. The car has 14800 miles on it now. It starting knocking at 2000 miles the dealership gave me the run a round. I told them it needs a new engine it has a bad wrist pin. They told me it was the timing chain tensioner. So I let them do them and when i got the car back it still had the sound. They told me they don't hear it. So it when back again and they told me the car is fine. And told them everytime I went for any oil change. Then I took it in for an oil change at the Dealership I got the from witch is very far from my house. I told them again and they told me no way. I waited for the mechanic to come out to my car to do the oil change and told him what was going on. The funny thing was it only knocked after driving on the highway for 15 Mins and then let it sit for 45 Mins. He told me to start the car and he had his head under the hood. He told me he heard something and said that the other dealership didn't do the tensioners. I told i know they did because they damaged my car and there was silicone all over the place. Witch I had to clean up. Now them told me to come back to see what they were going to do next. They had the car 2 weeks and said it was fine. I went to pick up the and starting the car in front of the service manager he heard the sound right a way and said THAT'S A LOWER END KNOCK. So now the mechanic needed to hear it so he could fix it. they told me it took 4 hours to hear the sound. So then they told me they were putting an oil pump in. I told them that's not going to fix it. Now they had the car for 3 more day. So when I got it back it still had noise. A week later on 4/30/10 the engine starting knocking on my home from my friends. The next day I tryed to drive it to the dealership and the motor blew the rod went right though the block (cyl 4). Now they had to tow it to the dealership said i was getting a new complete engine. I picked up the car on 5/13/10. I found out the engine was a Remanufactured engine from Hyundai. Now the new engine sounds like a diesel tapping when cold and then when its warm I hear a knock inside the car at idle plus the tap to. Hyundai offices call me today and told me if the dealership hears these sounds that I will get some kind of compensation. If the dealership doesn't hear it they are going to send a Tec from NJ to listen to the car. So I guess the 3.3L sucks. I see they don't put it in the 2011. Am I the only one with bad luck?
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