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Hello, I have a 09Hyundai
accent, the alternator was tould to me was bad so I bought a new one along with a new battery because that was needed as well and I got my mechanic to put my brand new alternator on and it drove for about 2 days but I did notice the dash board(mileage, speed) was not working and a.c wouldn’t turn on or radio and took to get an diagnosis on why because it clearly was working before so it turn out being a “bad alternator” so I took it back for an exchange and got my mechanic to put my 2nd alternator on.....again.... same thing happen... electrical things in the car would not work and car would not crank up?.... sooooo, got my money back for the alternator and went to buy one from another company and again and made sure they tested before I left the store to make sure it was a good alternator, the guy tested it 3 times and it tested GOOD...... car still isn’t cranking barely wants to jump off... so I took it to pep boys to get it put on the mechanic machine so I could figure out what’s really going on.... are all the alternators I was sold (3) really bad orrr is it another problem??? Not sure so PEp boys tell me..... I have an BaD alternator? This did not solve my problem, at this point I am so confused... out of money and tired of spending it for no solution. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
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