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Anyone here with an 09 or 10 Sonata have an aftermarket grill or replaced the emblem on the grill that could share their pics and give feedback on the quality? There isn't as many choices for the 09-10 as there is for the 06-08 since the grill changed just a little bit. I've been looking at a few different options, but nothing is jumping out at me and saying "buy me." I'm about to give up and just replace the front emblem and keep the OEM grill. I don't hate the Hyundai emblem, just don't like being the same as everyone else on the road. I did a search on here and can't find much other than pics of 06-08 Sonata's. When I finally did find a grill that I liked (the Studie) I found that it didn't fit the 09-10.

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