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All available parts are off a 07 Tiburon SE with 41000 miles on it so all parts are clean and lightly used. All parts functioning and mechanically sound. Available parts include:

Drivers Door------------$300
Drivers Front Fender----$100
Drivers Rear Fender-----$200
SE Interior :
Seats(front and rear)---$425
Carpet ----------------$100
SE Rims With Tires----------$400
Hood Latch-----------------$15
Hood Mounts---------------$30
Taillights-----------------$120 a piece
SE Wing-----------------$125
SE 6-Speed Transmission------$1200
Rear View Mirror----------$15
Brake Booster------------$60
Master Cylinder -----------$20

These are the parts I have pulled off the car and available at the moment. The car was wrecked and is now being parted out. More parts are available but may still need to be disassembled from the car. images upon request.
Have questions or interests text at (330) 428-3423
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