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I did the coolant bypass, which seems to make the engine perform a little better, very easy and simple.
But, with my custom old SRI, i decided i wanted a longer pipe for a deeper sound. It doesnt suck in as much air, but definately gives it a much deeper sound.
So, to extend the pipe, i took off the air filter box, along with the ecu, and remounted it wedged between the battery.
I moved the piping way over behind the battery, and the sound is orgasmic :banana: . Fantastic idea, with alot of increased torque.
After this, i noticed alot of stupid wire holders, so, after 30 minutes of debating, i decide to do work.
Seeing as all these wire brackets where off, brackets for the engine cover, and whatnot.
It gave alot of room in the engine.
It also makes doing the coolant bypass a breeze, you get adequate room to maneuver the hard to reach tube ;))

Also, i wondered about a cat delete, since i cant afford to get headers yet. Has anyone tried this?

My other work
Red H's
red grill
Painted Shift Noob.
Stripped insides
black rims, red calipers.
Stripped engine
Engine Screws/mounts painted red.
Struts, Headers, Subs

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Well, ive been reading up on no cat laws in florida.
cant find anything.
So..within the next couple weeks i might be cat less;)
Got the money just need someone to cut it off
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