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Hi,have the above problem with my getz.120k miles.
The car starts and runs fine from a cold start (sometimes with a cloud of whitish smoke from exhaust)but as the engine starts to reach normal operating temp. it starts to hesitate on acceleration and when totally warmed up it becomes virtually undriveable with comedy kangarooing down the road.
I have got a copy of the hyundai data sheet for this code (fla 158-162)which says cat sensor bank1 should be .72v at idle and mine fluctuates between .1 and .7v.I asked an admittedly vauxhall mechanic friend of mine and he said most people do go for the cat sensor but in his experience it's usually the MAF but of course the 1.1 doesn't have one, just several sensors (most of which i have removed and given a blast of brake cleaner with no effect).
Given the fault only shows when warmed up i am ok to exclude fuel supply/pump problems and is one of the senors apart from the cat sensor more likely to be suspect than the other.
Cheers John.
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