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I just purchased a used 2005 elantra, is there a spin on transmission filter and if there is where is it located?
Hastings filters lists one.
Nope, that late of A/T has internal filter.. to get at this filter, the trans need to come out, and split the case sections.... we are not allowed to open the transmission in such manner on the dealer level,,, that is only done bythe HYUNDAI contracted re-man facility.

Open hood, look at the top of the trans right there by the radiator hoses, see that un-finished oil filter pad there beside the range switch... thats where the early spin on filter used to mount.

Most all the spin-on filter cases been pulled before they leave the re-man facilty, have not seen 1 come back when we receive re-man in box for replacement.... still see 1 randomly still OE in car that not had trans replaced.
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