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Hi folks. New member. First Terracan- bought off relation it's an 04 and all services done at dealer. 150,00 on clock.
Had loads of issues with fuel delivery and went to wrong mechanics ! Bad starter and poor power but never stops once it's running. Been lying up weeks now but going to have another attempt before scrapping her.
I wonder if anyone could post me a photo(s) of the area around the fuel filter/primer unit/ bulkhead fuse box.
The original fault was a corroded sender unit. Replaced ages ago.
However before that I replaced primer unit and filter which did not help. I decided today to look around it myself and to my horror i find that it's
not the fuel pipe connected to the filter. It must be either the return pipe or air pipe ?
Which might explain why it's not going ?
Also there is a red/yellow connector that has a cable going to fuse box and branching to sensor attached to filter. The red /yellow but is connected to nothing. I suspect it used to connect to something attached to what is now the fuel supply.
It's been to 3_different garages - all apparently competent - can't afford dealer quoted 400 just for diagnostic. My ex husband is going to troops from tank/replace primer and filter but some photos would help.
It's not the pump or injectors -apparently !
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