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A little back ground... Granddaughter has a 2003 Elantra handed down from stepdad who is extremely mechanically challenged. Claims everything is perfect. I check the car out and notice that it looks like he bought it from a boy racer wannabe. Some body work done badly but overall seems to be okay car. Then I notice the tape covering the CEL. Then I drive it and find the clutch is slipping a lot. Have my brother check the codes and it spews a few indicating some sketchy stuff in the O2 sensor and on the intake side but it runs pretty darn well and there is no smoke or exhaust stink.

Granddaughter complains that the car is a little hard to start and might die shortly after adding gas. I noticed after putting a new clutch in (120 bucks) that the MAP sensor is unplugged.

Plug the MAP sensor in and the car won't start. Start the car with it unplugged then plug the MAP in at any rpm and it immediately dies. Bought a new MAP sensor and same story.

Am I looking at an evap system supplying combustion air and the MAP sensor leaning it to death when it is plugged in?

I expect I will dig into the evap system next in any case. The parts are cheap and my labor is free.

The clutch was a semi major pain but mostly only because I am old and thrashing around on the floor doesn't appeal to me.
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