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(2002 Hyundai Sonata) V6 LX / April

Right front drivers side brake caliper locked up on my daughter. She only drove about mile after it happen. I then......

Replaced, Front rotors,brakes,both calipers. driver side brake hose and a new brake line to the abs.

I was gonna change it all anyway before this happen.

(Test Drive)

After about 10 mins of driving both front calipers will start to stick and the brake pedal gets super hard. After it sits for over a hour you can drive it again for 10 mins once again.

The master cylinder seems to be working and I checked the brake booster hose. I am kind of lost from here.

I was gonna check the brake booster check valve but I cannot find where it is located. Is my brake booster bad??

Any help would be great.

Thank You!

2007 Honda CRV
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On my 2001 Elantra, the master cylinder was faulty
The calipers and wheel cylinder all locked up
No ABS on my car.
The only thing that could cause that was the master cylinder

Hope yours is not the master cylinder
And bleeding the brakes will clear up the issue.
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