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  1. Veracruz Forum
    Problem: Every once in a while, the vehicle will not start. If it is running, several symptoms manifest: 1. Gear shifter will not shift. Shift lock has to be pressed to enable shifting of gears 2. The gear indicator on the dash is indication of what gear I'm in 3. the ESC light...
  2. Veracruz Forum
    I have a 2008 veracruz that worked completely normally up until my dad bumped into it. The damage is minimal, there is one small dent however the key won't turn. I wasnt sure if there's a accident immobilizer or anything that would cause this. Thank you.
  3. Veracruz Forum
    I have a new problem on my ‘08 Veracruz limited. my liftgate won’t open unless I use the emergency lever in the inside liftgate. No success using either the interior button, fobs, or exterior handle. And yes-I checked the glovebox master switch—it is on. When I hit the switch, the rear amber...
  4. Classifieds - Private For Sale/Trade
    Stock CD player out of a 2010 VC. Worked fine when removed. Selling other parts from this truck as well. Send me a DM with what you're looking for. -PC
  5. Veracruz Forum
    i have a 2011 Veracruz (limited) im looking to modify does anyone know of any manual transmissions that would work with this engine (3.8 L V6)- thanks Jay
  6. Veracruz Forum
    Hi, all. Putting new rotors and pads on my 2011. ANY tips on getting the rear rotors off- seems like the E-Brake shoes are holding on to the rotors? I've heard just hammer on tthe rotor bell with a mallet- REALLY the only solution? Thanks in advance!
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello I have a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz. I am looking for a variable timing valve in the engine I can't locate it. Does anyone know where this component is on the engine?
  8. Veracruz Forum
    I have a 2008 Veracruz and recently ran into an issue. I had the hazard lights on and after i shut my car off the power locks and hazards will only work when the car is running. The clock is completely out. Has anyone had this issue or something similar? Everything works find except the...
1-8 of 8 Results