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  1. Venue
    I just bought a 2023 Hyundai Venue, and am trying to decipher the Trip Computer (TC) in the Instrument Cluster display. Most of the TC is self explanatory, except for a strange item just below the average MPG. It resembles a “ping pong table” with a blue bar whose right edge moves from the far...
  2. Venue
    I have a 2021 Hyundai Venue. Up until a couple weeks ago I was getting 32+ MPG, sometimes higher than 32 but never less. A couple weeks ago I went to get a new spare key programmed and they apparently updated the computer in my car (don’t ask me why or what exactly they did the dealership was...
  3. Venue
    Is there any way to roll back a map update (May 2022) on a 2020 Venue? (The latest update has no suburbs showing for my city!) (I have a previous version on an SD card, but when I put it in to the car it says it's not the latest and wont proceed)...
  4. Venue
    I recently purchased the car for my wife, and noticed that the rear lights in the bumper are not the same. The left one has a red light bulb, and I have no idea what it does. The one of the right has a white bulb, and lights up for reverse. Can someone explain the reason for this? Or should both...
  5. General Hyundai Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Bought Venue less than a month back and today connected ELM 327 2.1v OBD2 car diagnostic. Used Car Scanner ELM OBD2 android app to perform diagnostic scan and received DTC P0630 error code. What does VIN Not Programmed or Incompatible – ECM/PCM mean? How do I fix this and how bad is it? I am...
  6. Venue
    Hey guys, I recently compared the 2020 Venue to the 2020 Toyota C-HR: Let me know your thoughts. Sam
  7. Other Hyundai Models
    Recently (a month before) I bought Hyundai venue SX diesel variant I feel my car brakes very hard to push what is the reason
1-7 of 7 Results