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    Hello, Why won't my keyfob work? I pull up somewhere, leave the car on, walk to the other side of the car to open the door and it's locked. I try and use the keyfob in my hand to unlock and it does nothing. How do I disable this "feature"?
  2. i10 2nd. generation 2014-
    Hello! New to the forum and also to cars. Car is i10 2019 Premium SE Auto. Several times now I have come to get into my car and found it unlocked. I chalked this up to me being daft and not locking. Now however I have 100% made sure I have locked the car and still have the same issue. I’m using...
  3. TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    On this trip of 14000 so far my rear door has self opened at approx 85 - 90 kms/hour while towing the van five times. Each time its been on smooth road and no possible cause can be figured out. Certainly wakes you up with a jolt each time. Will see dealer on return home in two weeks.
    I have a little 5 door Getz and both the back doors don’t actually lock when the car is locked. The rest of the doors do and the alarm still goes off if the back doors are opened while the car is locked. I’m still new to driving and owning my own car so I have no clue why this is, does anyone...