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  1. Tucson 1.7 diesel MPG worries

    Tucson Forums
    Hi all, I’ve currently got a 1.4 Petrol i30 but due to my family getting bigger I’m looking to upgrade to the Tucson. My only problem with my i30 is that I constantly feel like I’m putting petrol in it and I don’t want this problem again. Everything I’ve seen and read about the Tucson makes me...
  2. magnaflow exhaust on tucson

    Tucson/IX35 LM Models
    after reading other forums, i decided to install a magnaflow exhaust on my tucson. heres a link to see what it looks like and how it sounds. let me know what yall think about it, i will take any advice into consideration
  3. 2022 Hyundai Tucson NX4 release date and teaser

    2021+ Hyundai Tucson Models
    Tucson fans, I have exciting news today. As you know the current model will be the same for 2021. but I got a tip about the next gen, Tucson NX4 which is now scheduled to debut on Sept. 14. Attaching a few screenshots here
  4. Theta Engine Class Action Settlement

    General Hyundai Non-Model Specific Discussion
    I just received a detailed e-mail about this class action settlement that will benefit the owners of Hyundai cars with the Theta engine (2.0 and 2.4 L direct injection): certain models of Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe Sport of various years, overall between 2011 and 2019. You can read it in detail on...
  5. Noise when turning, but only after 10 minutes of driving

    Tucson Forums
    Hello... Upon starting my car after it has sat for awhile It drives and steers perfect, but after it’s been running for about 10 minutes… There is a grinding-creaking-vibration noise coming from somewhere. When I turn both left and right. The thing that is a mystery to me is that this only...
  6. Crazy behavior in 2019 Tucson

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    Bottom line: my car doesn't recognize my key code. I started a zoom meeting on my phone on my way home tonight. When I got home, the meeting was still going, so I turned the ignition off and jumped out of the car with my phone in hand. The car started beeping and when I looked, the shift was in...
  7. 2016 tucson android auto question

    Tucson Forums
    so I have a 2016 tucson and am wondering if getting a software update will give me android auto. I've seen and heard different things so I'm at a loss if I should go ahead and do it. Anyone else have the non-nav version and has the update?
  8. Dual Clutch- Zero power/won’t move

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    All: Looking at Tucson or Kona. I am a Hyundai 2015 Santa Fe Limited Ultimate owner and have been pleased with my purchase enough to be looking to add to my home. I’m deeply concerned at the amount of people who have had their cars have zero response at pushing down the gas pedal and getting...
  9. Thinking about buying a 2017 1.6T

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    My daughter is looking at buying a 2017 Tucson with the 1.6 turbo. We went on a test drive and everything seemed fine with the car, didn't notice any shifting or lag issues, but I did notice some minor vibration at the floorboards. I've seen lots of posts about issues and that there is a class...
  10. Would I be an idiot for buying a Limited AWD with the 1.6T DCT? 2017 better than 2016?

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    So, basically what the title says. I'm looking for a new-to-me vehicle, and the Tucson Limited (with Ultimate pkg) fits all my "wants". However, I can't afford new with different trans. My max budget is $20k. I've found a 2016 with 76k miles for $15k out the door and a 2017 Certified with 50k...
  11. New Tucson - 2019 2.0L - Carbon Build-Up Mitigation

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    Hi all, I'm a first time Hyundai owner and in February of this year I purchased a 2019 Tucson Se FWD (build date January 4, 2019) from Enterprise in Las Vegas. The car was in excellent condition overall - still smells and looks brand new inside and out at the time I'm writing this. In fact, it...
  12. How to install paddle shifters on my 18 tucson 1.6t

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    Yesterday I bought paddle shifter on facebook. But the seller say he doesn’t have manual Who can help me plz....
  13. P0171 Bank 1 system too lean / OBDII data

    Tucson Forum JM Models
    I have an '05 Tucson 2.7L. A few months back I got the P0171 code and I believe the problem was a loose air filter hose. I fixed that and I had not gotten the code again until now. Now, I'm not sure what the issue is. I visually checked all the hoses and they seem good to me, but I'm no...
  14. Need radio for 2009 Tucson

    Tucson Forum JM Models
    My radio is turning off by itself, losing presets, displaying "telephone mute," etc. Seems fried. It is the one in the pic. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? Would prefer the exact model so I can plug and go. Also, does anyone have the model number or other identifiable info...
  15. Hyundai Tucson? Let’s do talk about Hyundai Tucson 2020, Watch out Kia Sportage!

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    Happy Holidays, guys! Yes, this is the last day of 2020! Happy New Year! I just wanted to talk about Hyundai Tucson today. The all new Hyundai Tucson 2020 will be released here in Korea next summer. Watch out Kia Sportage. New Tucson will be bigger and it might be finally electrified...
  16. My power lock, dome lights, and clock not working

    Tucson Forum JM Models
    I have a 2008 Tucson. Today my mom was driving my car since she knows the directions and I don’t. She, having a fob for her Jeep, tried to use the starter button as a lock button. After that, my power lock, dome lights, and clock stopped working. For the power lock, I can lock and unlock the...
  17. 2018 Tucson, where is my block heater cord?

    Tucson Forums
    I live in Alberta, and it’s currently -28. I can’t for the life of me find my block heater cord. Does anyone know where I should be looking. It’s not plain to see and I need some guidance please!! Can’t have the car dying!!
  18. Removing ABS Sensor

    Tucson Forum JM Models
    Hi all. My '07 Tucson's ABS kicks in at low speeds - I suspected an ABS sensor but after some research it seems one or more might just be corroded and misaligned. Either way, I need to remove the sensors. I watched a tutorial working on a big Dodge truck (I couldn't find a Tucson specific one)...
  19. 2017 Tucson Limited Snow Tire Options

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    Hello, I have been looking at snow tires recently for my 2017 Tucson Limited but I can't find many that come in 245/45/R19. I would prefer them studded so this makes the search even harder. After having little luck finding them I was wondering if it would be possible to buy new wheels and use...
  20. SmartSense catastrophic failure

    2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    2019 Tuscon Night (Purchased June 2019, 6k miles): I was pulling into a parking spot a few days ago, and the power steering shut off, and a bunch of lights came on in the dash. I turned the car off, thinking it was just an environmental cause, turned it back on and pulled in to the spot. Got...