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  1. DN8 (2020+) Sonata
    Anyone put a tow hitch on their car? I've got a bike rack I'd like to carry. There's the Curt C23HR and the CQT24993 (Uhaul will install this).
  2. DM (2013-2019) LWB 7 Seater models Bought this hitch receiver a while back and finally got around to installing it. There were two wiring plugs that are on either side and underneath the rear bumper that kept getting in the way during installation, so I unplugged them to install the hitch...
  3. DN8 (2020+) Sonata
    I am looking for an affordable tow hitch system and bike rack hitch mounted system for my 2021 sonata. I am not interested in the truck attachments or roof attachments as those run more of a risk for damage and scratching paint. Does anyone have any advice or info regarding a set up like this...
1-3 of 3 Results