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touch screen
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  1. i40 Forum
    I recently purchased a 2013 i40 estate. The media screen isn't working but everything else is. Radio, air con, sat nav button all work and respond on the screen but nothing responds when you touch the screen. I've tried calibrate it through a software program via the USB but you can't press...
  2. AD (2017-2020) Elantra
    So I just bought a 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE and I want to upgrade the stock stereo to the 7” touchscreen, I would prefer to keep things looking OEM so I would have to buy one off of EBay. I have seen that the wire configuration is a little different for the touchscreen than the standard, so would...
  3. AD (2017-2020) Elantra
    Hello guys, This is the first time for me posting, I have Hyundai elantra 2017 It's came with touch screen MTXH600ADME and i want to update it Can anyone tell me how to do it Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results