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  1. Santa Fe Forums (Please Post In The Correct Sub F
    I am checking to see if anyone out there has had issues with their Kuhmo Cragen premium tires separating before 60,000 km. I have been in the dealership twice in less than a year with vibration in the steering wheel. I had two tires replaced in February 2020 for one tire separating and now...
  2. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    Hi everyone, went in to get my tires rotated/balanced and was told my fronts were down to 2/32 so just gonna replace them (all 4 to be clear - I also qualify to get some money back from Michelin since I've only had them for 25k miles). I've always had Michelin's and currently have the...
  3. GD (2013-2017) Elantra GT
    I'm looking for some snow tires for sale. 205 55 16. For 2013 Elantra GT GLS . I'm located on the east coast. They can be on rims or off either way.
  4. XD (2001-2006) Elantra
    So, I own a 2003 Hyundai Elantra XD current rims are 195/60R15, curious will the size 205/40R17 fit the same ? As I have a chance to grab some at a good price.
  5. AD (2017+) Elantra
    Has anyone here upgraded the wheels and tires on a 2017 SE base model? I’m looking to also size up if possible. I’ve never dealt with upgrading or buying rims for past cars before so I’m a bit in the dark. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated!
  6. Equus Forum
    I am in need of new tires for my 2016 Equus Utlimate Anyone have any suggestions to maintain a smooth and quite ride?? -VinniePaaz "The 4-star General"
  7. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    General Impressions: Thanks to this forum for helping me with my research. I went with used 2014 Santa Fe rims (19"x7.5") and 225/40-R19 Bridgestone POTENZA RE980AS tires. The car feels like a totally different beast! The tires are very fast to change direction now and give me more confidence at...
  8. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    My old tires were showing some cupping wear and one was real noisy. Some of it was fighting the (turn left) alignment issue for a while. New tires got rid of noise and steering is better. But I wonder if my struts need replacing or other front end components. 2011 Sonata 2.0T with 130k miles. I...
  9. RB (2012-2017) Accent
    I recently bought a used 2013 Accent hatchback, 6 speed manual with low miles. It does need a few things, particularly tires. It has the factory 70R 14/85 that came with the car. These are tiny tires. TINY. The ride in the car is on the rough side. Is it possible to put larger tires on the car...
  10. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    Hey guys, I recently just bough a 2016 Hyundai elantra and I currently have 17inch factory wheels on them. I want to get some bigger wheels on there. I have some wheels and tires from my previous car and was wondering if they will fit without rubbing. I have 18 inch wheels and my tires are...