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  1. JM (2004-2009) Tucson
    Hi, My crankshaft came off whilst testing new timing belt (don’t ask how). Since then the engine turns over but there’s no ignition - won’t start. Ive double checked the timing alignment and tension etc. and confirmed the spark plugs have spark. Compression test proved 3 out of 4 cylinders have...
  2. DM (2013-2019) Santa Fe
    Hey guys, I was just curious if we have a timing belt or chain on the 2.0L turbo models. Also curious if its an interference engine or not. While I am still pretty far away from around 160K when a timing belt should be replaced I want to be prepared before hand. Thanks!
  3. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    I have a 2012 santa fe 4 banger fwd. After searching this forum to find how top replace the timing chain I came up empty. However I did find this very useful information elsewhere that needs to be shared. If you want the pics to...
  4. HD (2006-2010) Elantra
    Hello Everyone, My girlfriends 2008 Elantra just had its timing belt replaced but now it wont turn over after sitting for a day. We have replaced the battery but that has not helped, the car will turn over after a jump start but wont start on its own. We've tested the battery and everyone has...
  5. Tucson Forums
    Hello, hopefully someone could shed some light on an issue I’m having with my 2006 Tucson. The timing belt snapped and I have replaced the belt and realigned to the timing marks the best I could to no success. Is there something I’m missing? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. SM (2001-2006) Santa Fe
    I meticulously followed instructions for replacement of the timing belt, water pump, and crankshaft position sensor. I purchased the vehicle knowing that there was an issue. It would start and run very rough and unable to get over 35 mph. The codes said it was the crankshaft position sensor, So...
1-6 of 6 Results