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  1. GK Tiburon /Coupe S111(2003-2008)
    My 08 Toburon was stolen and the were removed. And battery .Ive replaced everything. Its getting no power.when I turn.the key I' the o2 sensor still but will that no power when I turn key?
  2. GK Tiburon /Coupe S111(2003-2008)
    I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon cranks but no start. I accidentally left car in on position overnight and the battery died. I had someone give me a jump and they put cables on backwards. Car started honking so we took them off tried again and then realized they were swapped. Obd doesn't work now...
  3. GK Tiburon /Coupe S111(2003-2008)
    Hi all, very recently got a 2006 Coupe/Tiburon and am enjoying the car apart from a really annoying issue that I'm not sure how to solve re the hazards. I've read lots of threads on various forums etc about the relay going bad on the back of the BCM but as all my turn signals work, and all...
  4. Tiburon /coupe forums
    Whenever I step on the gas from a stop or from a slow roll the car hesitates. The longer I keep my foot in it the more it does it. If I keep my foot in it, it will eventually misfire. It will misfire on different cylinders. One time it was cylinder 2, I cleared it, then another time was cylinder...
  5. RD Tiburon/coupe (1996-2001)
    hi guys, I’m sorry I’m new here but I just bought a Hyundai tiburon and it needs some work. First off it had a cai and it had a hole in it not sure if it was off another Hyundai or what so I just covered it with duct tape so nothing gets sucked in. Next this hose (circled black in the picture)...
1-5 of 5 Results