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  1. Terracan Forum
    Hello, ive changed transfer box on my terracan ('05) and both of 4wd lamps on dashboard. Transfer box motor is working fine. Any tips where should i look for problem solution? It's been a headache for a whole week. Thanks for any info.
  2. Terracan Forum
    My Terracan has just recently had the head removed to take out an injector cylinder that got stuck. The cylinder was removed and the head skimmed. When placing back together a new head gasket and head bolts were used but upon retiming the car and putting it all back together it idles at 1100...
  3. Terracan Forum
    Was feeling positive bout getting my 06 terracan diesel running yesterday put in new copper washers on injectors and put all back together ...after the night before I was getting code 1640 and flat battery so charged battery and changed start relay but now getting this code 😡🤬 and one of the imv...
  4. Terracan Forum
    Hi, just spent the weekend checking the rear underside of my 2005 Terracan 2.9 diesel. Now I knew there was some corrosion, rear bumper crash support to be replace and some treatment to lots of surface rust. However what I have found deeper in scares me! The upper brackets of the rear springs...
  5. Terracan Forum
    Hello, For some weeks now I have been having problems with my Terracan. To start the engine I have to unscrew the bolt of an injector, run the engine, screw the bolt and the car starts. The more time that passes since the engine is turned off, the more time it has to turn to start. If half an...
1-5 of 5 Results