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  1. Sante fe 2009 issues after alternator replacement

    Santa Fe Diesel Models
    I drive a 2009 Sante fe CRDI diesel. Mechanic replaced the alternator and serviced the car. after that, Car is not pulling enough. Stalled 3 times. fuel consumption seems bad. Took to the mechanic 2 times now. He says nothing wrong, all good. really frustrated. Is anyone gone through the same...
  2. ECM Problem- Stalled while driving, car wouldn't turn on, weird accelerating and decelerating

    YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    I drive a 2012 Sonata (2.4 engine). Last week, my car handled very oddly while driving and then died in the street. I was just driving in town (stop signs, traffic lights, etc) and the car seemed to be accelerating and decelerating wrong, like it was taking too long to stop and too long to go...
  3. 2002 sonata cutting off

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
  4. 2006 Santa Fe 2.2 Diesel Stalls

    SM (2001-2006) Santa Fe
    Hello, I just bought it and we are having a major issue with it. It stalls. At first it stalled when there was low rpm for example at turn or red light. But today we got multiple instances. One at park but running, second at red light and last time when was going around 50km/h. It takes around...