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  1. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    I bought a 2018 Sonata 2.0t in November 2017. I have changed these smart key fob batteries without problem until now. I opened up my wifes key fob and the contact to the battery rim fell out. Has anyone had this before and has it, or similar problems, been covered by warranty? My second...
  2. TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    This is kind of a weird question, I know. The scenario is that I want to go surfing. I dont want to take the smartkey in the ocean with me because its almost certainly going to get wet. I figured out how to use the mechanical key to lock and unlock the vehicle - but locking only works if I hide...
  3. DM (2013-2019) Santa Fe
    I've just replaced the battery in my 2014 SFS. The key will open and lock the doors but the car won't start when I stand on the brake and push the start button. I've changed the battery in the smart key. I tried switching the fuse switch off and back on under the dash on the drivers side. It...
  4. DM (2013-2019) Santa Fe
    I lost a key fob and purchased a new one, very expensive. Well a couple months later I found the old one. But it won’t work, the dealership says we can only have 2 programmed key fobs. What’s the deal? I paid for the extra one. I should have 3 key fobs.
  5. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    when i want to turn off my car using engine start stop the engine and the AC goes off(that's ok) but the radio not turned off also the key out led on ta-blue will be on and my remote key not working and can not lock my doors because it tells me you can not and the key car yellow mark appear so i...
1-5 of 5 Results