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  1. Shakes like mad

    SM (2001-2006) Santa Fe
    I'll probably just drive it very slowly to my mechanic but I wanted to describe the issue on here and see if anybody thinks I should check this or that first. Coming home from work yesterday I noticed it was shaking a bit once I shifted it out of park. It lagged when I went to go through an...
  2. 2015 Sonata shaking/cutting off

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    Hello! I’ve had a random issue of my Sonata shaking and then cutting itself off directly after starting the engine. It happened once about a year ago and the shop I took it to couldn’t find anything wrong. It shook again a few days ago and then ran fine, and then again today it shook and then...
  3. 2016 Sonata stalled while in park

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    So I've had my 2016 Sonata for 2 years and it's been a great car so far. But yesterday while I sat in a store parking lot with the car in park, out of nowhere it started shaking for about 20 seconds and then stopped. Next it shook again, harder, and stalled. I had the AC and radio on, so my...
  4. 2017 Hyundai Accent: slight vibration when idling in drive

    RB (2012-2017) Accent
    I bought a used 2017 Hyundai Accent hatchback yesterday. I didn't notice anything peculiar about the drive on my test drive at the dealership, but while driving home I noticed a slight vibration/shaking when the car was idle at stop lights. I can feel the vibration when I'm in the driver's seat...