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  1. GK Tiburon /Coupe S111(2003-2008)
    Will the parking brake cable from an 06 fit on an 07? I’m assuming it will… but thought I’d double check before going to pick n pull to grab them off the 06 and wasting my time if it doesn’t work lol. Thank you.
  2. TG (2006-2011) Azera
    Replaced the parking brake shoes, springs etc but on one side the actuator is stuck so the shoes don’t expand when applying the parking brake pedal. Is this a part that can be bought separately or is it only available with the backing plate? Also, any ideas how to unstick it?
  3. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    Hello, I have a 2019 Sonata and am concerned about the parking brake. The pedal goes all the way to the floor when I engage it. The other day I was leaving my driveway and heard a warning sound letting me know the parking brake was engaged. It didn't seam like there was much resistance which...
  4. DM (2013-2019) Santa Fe
    TLDR; I need to know how to adjust the parking brake and can't find any info online The dealer installed a new set of discs and pads on my 2017 SantaFe Limited and the parking brake is now out of adjustment. It goes to the floor and still allows the vehicle to slip on an incline. The dealer...
  5. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    Hey, I’m trying to do a full brake replacement at home (front and rear rotors and pads). I can’t find any definitive advice on any steps or precautions I should take when approaching the rear electro-mechanical parking brakes. Any help?
  6. HD (2006-2010) Elantra
    howdy! first post here, be gentle with me! i drive a 5-speed manual 09 elantra gls, and i’m in texas. it’s been about 25 degrees and this morning when went to warm up my car to leave for the first time driving it since the cold snap, i put it in neutral and engaged my parking brake so i could...
  7. NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    So, I had adjusted my parking brake from the cable underneath the center console yesterday, as my parking brake seemed a little loose. It helped a little, today I was going to see if I could adjust the starwheel for the parking brake drums. I have a Sonata LE, so it has rear brake discs. I...
  8. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    Title says it all. When I accelerate from a top my E-Brake light comes on. The vehicle doesn't slow or feel bogged down at all. When I come to a stop it turns off. I've verified the pedal is fully up. Possible sensor issue? I had the same problem in a 1995 Taurus SHO (RIP) and I just had to...
  9. i800/iload
    Handbrake has to be pulled right up to get it to work. Won't hold on a hill. Is there an easy way to adjust it as nothing happens until the 5th click? Pads look fine as do the disks and nothing is binding. Thanks all
1-9 of 9 Results