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  1. Palisade Forum
    Recently, our Palisade is throwing "Check Blind Spot Collision Monitoring system error" and "Forward Collision Error". These errors come on when driving for a bit and than when the vehicle is restarted it will go away for while than come back on. I was wondering if there are any recalls or...
  2. Palisade Forum
    Hey everyone, In this video I compared the fully loaded Palisade vs fully loaded Highlander:. Let me know your thoughts. Sam
  3. Palisade Forum
    Happy New Year, guys! We have 2020 Kia Mohave with us, so i just wanted to give you a side by side comparison review between Kia Mohave and Hyundai Palisade. There’s already night drive for Kia Mohave, so just design comparison this time. So, let’s do find out which is the King of SUVs from...
  4. Palisade Forum
    We are going for a road trip with Palisade Twins. My Hyundai Palisade has 3.8L V6, while the press car from Hyundai with 2.2L Diesel. Through out this 8 hours road trip, i will explain why i bought my Hyundai Palisade w/ 3.8L V6 & over Kia Telluride and Kia Mohave. Let’s go, guys! #palisade...
  5. Other Hyundai Models
    Anyone know where in Southern California I can buy a 2020 Palisade AWD Limited in Burgundy on black for about $49,000 MSRP? I will not pay over MSRP but want to buy or lease very soon!
  6. Palisade Forum
    Last Friday, my new ride finally have arrived. Guess what i got. It’s 2019 Hyundai Palisade. Let me tell you why i bought Hyundai Palisade and how i got it. So sad i had to get Hyundai Veracruz go. This means that we have Hyundai Palisade as a long-term tester. Very excited to tell you...
  7. Palisade Forum
    I’ve driven nothing but GM vehicles my entire life. Bought a Palisade about 2 weeks ago. No auto start and no electric lift gate (much to my chagrin). Returned home this evening from riding bikes at a local park with my teenager. Went to unload the bikes and can’t get the rear hatch nor the...
  8. Palisade Forum
    What is included in the color pack version of the Hyundai vehicles. There is an option for Hyundai with and without color pack. Thanks in advance.
  9. Palisade Forum
    Hi, We purchased a Palisade one week ago on Friday Aug 2nd. Over the weekend while driving on the highway we noticed a very obvious shake and low sounding rumble as though we were driving on the rumble strip. The vibration begins at 65 mph and continues on through 73 mph. It can be felt in...
1-11 of 11 Results