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  1. Paint peeling on my Hyundai Eon car

    I purchased Hyundai eon megna+ car, but it's paint is peeling It's continuously peeling It's a huge defect, I need it to be fixed by Hyundai.
  2. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    Hey guys, I've been having trouble finding the right paint for my Santa Fe (code JR). I had some small rust spotting around my rear driver's side wheel-well so I bought some Duplicolor paint off Amazon. Unfortunately, they were selling by color name instead of code. When it arrived it was code...
  3. Santa Fe Forums (Please Post In The Correct Sub F
    All, looking for a sanity check, I picked up my brand new Santa Fe 12 months ago and thought that the paint on the back door looked a different shade to the front door. However I didn’t say anything as I thought it must just be the light in the show room. A year later, it still doesn’t look...