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  1. Getz Forum
    Had a P0133 ( O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1/ Sensor 1) ) couple of weeks ago, got my sensor replaced as it was consuming around 40 litres of petrol for 100 miles. Once i changed it the consumption was a lot better, i.e consumed around 25 litres for 100 miles. My engine light is on...
  2. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Hi all, are the upstream and downstream O2 sensors interchangeable, and is the upstream sensor right above the catalytic converter (you see it right away when you lift the hood)? Thanks in advance for replies.
  3. TL (2016-2021) Tucson/IX35
    Hi, I'm new here and hoping for some help! I have a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Eco 1.6T AWD with approx 92,300 miles on it. I was driving two weeks ago and the car started to sputter and throw out smoke from the exhaust. The check engine light came on and I was able to pull over. Once I parked the car...
  4. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    Hello. I have a 2010/2011 3.5 V6 AWD Santa Fe. It has 50.000 miles on it. I'd really appreciate if you guys would help me figure this one out. Once this is solved, I'll post the solution here. The car stalled as I got off the freeway at about 20 MPH. It was running seemingly fine, even though...
  5. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    I was under the car couple of weeks ago and looking at the downstream O2. It looks like the harness might actually go into the interior of the cabin? is that true? How hard is to access the harness? is it under the passenger side seat?. I need to change out the downstream O2. Any diagram...
1-5 of 5 Results