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  1. Help me identify this noise, car going in tomorrow!

    i10 1st. generation 2007-2014
    For some time now my dear old i10 has been making a noise similar to a jam jar lid spinning on a desktop. On occasion the sound is almost sleigh-bell like. Very seasonal for later in the year but rather annoying for the attention it draws as I'm driving along. It's rather noisy. My car is going...
  2. LOUD Grinding noise from New Rotors and Pads on rear wheels - 2007 Santa Fe GLS

    CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    I purchased new rotors and pads for my 2007 Santa Fe, "Carquest" brand (Advance Auto). I had a mechanic install them. Afterward it sounded like I was dragging a bicycle under my car. The noise comes mainly from the right rear (PS), but also a bit from the left rear (DS). We replaced the right...