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  1. General Hyundai Non-Model Specific Discussion
    My santa fe (cm) 2007 has 260,000 km. bought it at 150k. AFAIK the fuel injectors were never replaced. How many miles/km is normal before replacing? I'm getting a lot of smoke on acceleration and wondering if this might be the problem. I also started getting a jolt going around corners but I...
  2. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    I completely panic when I see my fuel consumption indicator jump up to somewhere between 36 and 48 (or maybe even higher....I TRY not to look!) when moving off from a stop-sign or red light. Also, if I don't leave town for a week or more (strictly in-town driving), it seems like I can burn...
  3. AD (2017-2020) Elantra
    Car is just burning up gas. The accuracy of gauge seems to be off, or this car is taking midnight drives without me. Is there a way to check this? Cheaply? Like, freely?
1-3 of 3 Results