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  1. AD (2017+) Elantra
    I hope to find if not a solution then people who had the same issue with their Hyundai. I have Elantra Limited 2017 and I owned it since 2017. For several years now, this car's front and back exterior lights would come on after the car was parked and off for hours. It doesn't do it all the...
  2. NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    Hey yall, I have looked everywhere in the manual and it explains how to change the bulb but it doesn't say what the bulb is. The current bulb doesn't say anything to tell me. Thanks
  3. 2020 Sonata Limited

    2020 Sonata Limited

  4. i10 2nd. generation 2014-
    Hi I'm having some serious issues with my i10 (2nd gen 2014). It started about hree years ago when I bought the car from the son of an old man who had recently passed away so the car had barely been used even though it was three years old. Since then I've had the issue several times over, it...
  5. General Hyundai Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Sometimes my right side tail light will be working just fine, other times I'm being told it's not lighting up. Saw it when pulling out of the grocery store lot. Opened the trunk and jiggled the bulb, pulled it out and pushed the bulb into the socket carefully and stuck it back in the light. Not...
  6. i20 Forum
    Hello, I own the Hyundai i20 2012 58kw 1.2i. I began to wonder why the lights (indicators) on the radio, temperature control and fan control don't work. I checked if any fuses (Power Connectors check, IGN2, Cluster, ACC) were damaged but they were not. I am wondering If It can be caused by...
  7. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    I bought used Hyundai 2011 Elantra and now the center window brake light works, new bulbs both rear brake lights and yet still don’t work. Can anyone tell me why. I got taken on the car, $1000 in repairs, $300 windshield and it goes on. Any ideas why???
  8. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    I'm fairly certain I'll never do it but if I ever changed my mind, how difficult would it be to add fog lights to my '14 GLS? The knockouts appear to be present but I know nothing of available wiring or how much work it would be to get a switch on the stalk.