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  1. Kona forum
    Hello all. Still a newbie only had the 2022 limited for two weeks. Is there a way to hit radio and have it go straight to XM? also the XM screen is my least fav thing about the car. Do you guys put it into a different feature to not show the corny bulb saying the numbers. I’d rather see...
  2. UK
    Anyone had issues with the media screen only showing part screen on start up, always have to press the reset button to get full screen otherwise the screen will not accept any commands. The car was in the local Hyundai dealership yesterday 3 May 2022 for another issue with the engine management...
  3. Kona forum
    The amp would be for new speakers and tweeters.
  4. Kona forum
    I bought a roof rack (j9f21-ac000) and the front left end cap is now missing (either stolen or fell due to the lock breaks?). I asked the dealer and they say i can neither return nor is it under the warranty. Also they don't sell this small piece. I wonder if there are great ideas out there to...
1-6 of 6 Results