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  1. ix20
    Hi everyone. I have an ix20 cdi on a 2012 plate. It has a digital fuel display on the dashboard which tells me how much is in the tank and also how many miles left it was on 2 bars and 78 miles left so I put £10 in but when I drove off it was still showing 78 miles I drove about a mile to next...
  2. ix20
    Hello and welcome, in this guide I will try to explain my best how to install cruise control on your hyundai ix20, as well as what is needed and if your vehicle is capable of retrofiting the factory cruise control system. First, let me explain my situation. I got my ix20 this summer from my...
  3. ix20
    Hi, How do I tighten the ix20 handbrake? I changed all rear pads easily enough but cannot see how to adjust the handbrake / tighten it. It comes up quite high, well pretty much all the way, and is quite slack when down with no tension for a couple of inches on the way up. No videos anywhere...
1-3 of 3 Results