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  1. Ioniq Forum
    Good Morning, I was looking for advice on a situation that happened earlier this morning. I was driving on the highway when the car in front of me ran over a bunch of metal poles that were left in the middle of the highway. When the car ran over the poles, the poles flew back and slammed into...
  2. Ioniq Forum
    We have a multimedia system like the one in the picture. When using Android Auto to navigate, let's say I want to make a phone call. How do I open the phone app built into the vehicle (The one that has favorites and lists all my contacts and not not the Android Auto dialer when clicking the...
  3. Ioniq Forum
    Hi, Not sure how many people have ever done this - while in the garage, press the garage door button and start backing to soon. I backed into the interior lift handle with 2 screws sticking out an inch. Discovered the hard way that the metal on an Ioniq is not thick at all. Popped 2 holes into...
  4. Ioniq 5 Electric Forum
    Hey everyone, I could be biased but this is by far the best review of the new IONIQ 5 out there :P For us in Australia, the embargo just lifted, but enjoy the review - it's an amazing car! Happy to answer any questions about my experiences with it! Cheers, Matt
  5. UK
    I have set a charge schedule on my ioniq electric 2017 but this seems to automatically turn off every time after charging the car. The scheduled charge should stay on indefinitely. Has anyone has this issue? Note, I haven't even been pressing the button to temporarily turn of the charge...
  6. Ioniq Forum
    Hi How change software and map from korea to middle east Thank you
  7. Ioniq Forum
    Hello fellow Hyundai enthusiasts. I am working on a second use battery storage made from batteries from Hyundai IONIQ and KONA electric vehicles. I am contacting the forum regarding information about these batteries, for example specific data sheets regarding the li-ion batteries (with varying...
  8. Ioniq Forum
    We had a chance to test drive hyundai ioniq hybrid 2020. It’s a facelift version that has new exterior and interior design updates. Hyundai claims new ioniq can travel up to 1,000km (620miles) with a full tank. That is quite impressive. Now let’s meet the new guy! 1.6L gasoline: [email protected],700rpm...
1-8 of 8 Results