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  1. hyundai ioniq ev software

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    Hi How change software and map from korea to middle east Thank you
  2. Hyundai IONIQ Battery Cells

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    Hello fellow Hyundai enthusiasts. I am working on a second use battery storage made from batteries from Hyundai IONIQ and KONA electric vehicles. I am contacting the forum regarding information about these batteries, for example specific data sheets regarding the li-ion batteries (with varying...
  3. hyundai ioniq hybrid test drive - New Ioniq hybrid from Hyundai! What’s new?

    Ioniq Forum
    We had a chance to test drive hyundai ioniq hybrid 2020. It’s a facelift version that has new exterior and interior design updates. Hyundai claims new ioniq can travel up to 1,000km (620miles) with a full tank. That is quite impressive. Now let’s meet the new guy! 1.6L gasoline: [email protected],700rpm...