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intake manifold

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  1. NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    So I’ve been perusing old forum threads about mods for the NF sonata. About 10 years ago V33 had done an azera intake manifold swap onto the sonata. He mentioned using the 2008 azera 3.8’s intake and fuel rail, I’ll link the thread below. There’s a good bit of information within and I’m...
  2. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    Noticed a burning smell when the heat/air was on and thought it was odd. Looked under the hood and saw this. I assume this is a leak from the intake manifold/valve cover? 2012 2.0T w/ 80k miles (original owner). Would this be covered under the 10y/100k warranty?
  3. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    I have a 2016 Sonata 2.4 with a Runner Control Motor code. The vehicle was hesitating under harder acceleration and doesn't want to downshift under harder acceleration. I replaced the VCMA with no improvement. What should I check before I give the dealer all of my money.
1-3 of 3 Results