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  1. [Solved] Howto remove middle row seat rails

    H-1, H-100, Starex & iMAX Forums
    Hi all, Gutting my IMAX to use as camper/weekender. I've hunted and got the details to remove the middle seats DONE! but I cant find any info on the rails and sliders. Any help appreciated (someone must of done it already :)
  2. Removal of sliding door interior trim for iMax / Starex

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi, does anyone have any tips or diagrams of how to remove the interior panel on the sliding door of my 2013 iMax ? Which I believe is a Starex in America. I've been giving it a go but it aint so easy, It looks like it may be kept in place by the internal door handle and I've removed one screw...
  3. Beeping noise

    Hi, I’m looking for some help. I have a 2010 iMax. When I take the key out and open the drivers door, the beeping noise sounds as if I’ve left the key in. Then when I get out and close the door, I cannot lock it remotely. I have manually lock it. It’s only beeping when the drivers door is open...