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  1. NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    So - I've got an 09 hyundai sonata limited california VIN (on 2nd engine - correct to cali vin#) 140k ish - automatic. -bought car from Tacoma Wa. hyundai dealer - was demo or program car w 3600 in October of 09 (same model year) Was recertification by dealer for 10/100k - timing chain jumped...
  2. TL (2016-2021) Tucson/IX35
    Hello all, I purchased a car that had been vandalized, completely destroyed the ignition switch and part of the opening in the ignition assembly. I went ahead, ordered an ignition assembly from the junkyard and swapped it out - got the respective keys to the assembly. So when I turn the key to...
  3. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    Hi my car was stolen and the ignition was completely wrecked. I have been using pliers to grip the small piece of metal left in there but it’s wearing thin at this point. Do I just need to replace the ignition lock cylinder or is this something more?
  4. AD (2017-2020) Elantra
    I just installed OEM remote start kit in my 2017 Elantra. Lock and unlocks works but remote start just cranks engine 3 times does not start engine. If I insert key and then try remote starting, it works. What could be wrong?
  5. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Hi, I'm trying to fix this issue for my daughter's car in a good and inexpensive way. The issue of the ignition key not turning happened before but I had resolved it with some WD40 and trying the key several times. This did not work this time. So now I also tried rocking the key, pulling it 1...
1-5 of 5 Results