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  2. i800/iload
  3. i800/iload
    Have you got any ideas how to get body parts of Hyundai i800 ?
  4. i800/iload
    Hi all, Apologies for opening my forum account with a question, but this is a conundrum: I have a 2016 i800 (manual gearbox) that’s been standing dormant for much of the winter. Recently a neighbour knocked on to tell us that our i800 lights were on. Opened the car, checked switches and...
  5. i800/iload
    My i800 is 2012 with 30k miles. It was converted into a campervan from new. She has a knocking noise when the clutch is depressed. The garage mechanic thinks it might be the flywheel, but thinks it shouldn't have happened at this low mileage. However he needs to strip down to investigate. Any...
1-5 of 5 Results