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  1. I30 FD 2009 1.4 Turbo

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a Hyundai i30 from 2009 with an 1.4l engine and 109hp. Because the engine is almost brand new (only 125k km) and in good condition, I'm planning to install a turbo and would like some opinions from you if it's worth it or not and also what turbo is compatible if so. Thanks in...
  2. 2013 Hyundai i30

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    My daughters 2013 i30 has suspected piston slap (suspected because our mechanic says it is but Hyundai dealership won't admit it). Anyway, looking at the forum feeds there are a number of discussions about piston slap in 2013 Elantra and I also came across a Technical Service Bulletin from...
  3. Correct Battery replacement specs?

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Hi, My 2016 petrol i30 battery is flat. The battery was replaced 11 months ago and when I called Road Assistance they have told me that the existing battery (non original) is actually incorrect. They said it should be a 600 CCA and the battery I have is a 530 CCA. Can anyone recommend the...
  4. No constant acceleration when engine is cold

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Hello, I am sharing with you an issue I’m having with my I30 1.0 T-GDI for more than a year now. When I start the engine in the morning, or after the car is standing for a longer period of time, when I accelerate, the car is not accelerating constantly, it has a few milliseconds when even if I...
  5. 2011 FD i30 Bluetooth Static

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Hi, I'm currently borrowing an i30(RHD, in Australia) from a family member and I may eventually buy it from them. There is a problem that has shown up with the Bluetooth audio, it connects to my phone and functions correctly, however, the driver's side speaker is very quiet and has static. The...
  6. i30 2013 Roof Rack Installation

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Got the i30 2013 hatchback with no glass roof in 2014 (used car). So, going on holiday soon and decided to get a roof box, and of course had to also get roof rack/bars. But, I'm having trouble figuring out how to attach it to the roof. It's the first time I've opened the.. bits of the roof that...