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  1. i20 Forum
    I have a 2014 elite i20 and I've had this issue since the beginning. A lot of dust enters in the interior of my car even when i keep all the vents in my car closed. A little bit of dust enters every car but i believe mine has some fault or cavity that a lot of dust gets it. Anyone with the same...
  2. i20 Forum
    I am look for recommendations to which Front bumper lip would fit on my 2017 i20 1.2l I have tried the Cupra lip however it's doesn't fit properly. Any other recommendations would be really helpful
  3. i20 Forum
    Hi. I have installed these new led footweel strips they come with a factory cigarette lighter socket. I really want to have the wired so when I open the door or close the they turn on or off. I’ve tried to find somewhere to splice into but haven’t been able to find it. Any ideas on how to get...
1-3 of 3 Results