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  1. Tucson/IX35 LM Models
    Ok hi guys I'm struggling here trying to solve this. So 2011 ix35 1.7 diesel. Built in sat nav has worked fine since I have owned the car but for around a month now it's showing that the car is sat on our drive no matter where we are. So common sense approach (I hope) was to remove fuses for...
  2. Tucson/IX35 LM Models
    Hi guys has anyone ever had issue with an IX35 2011 model front window washer not working i have checked all fuses and relays and all working (have Power), I have replaced the motor and still not working any ideas a guy i know said the the switch may be the problem but im unsure what else to do...
  3. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi everyone, I am new here and I need your help. i have a hyundai ix35 and lately the DBC in my car got activated. The light is always on and I don’t know how to turn it off. Can anyone help me???
  4. Australia
    I’ve been looking for the name of this yellow clip/transit fuse as mine is missing from my ix35 and I’d like to replace it. Cheers