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  1. Tucson Forums
    Hello does anyone know where I can purchase a warranty online from a dealer? After I purchased the car...
  2. Canada
    Hello All I'm current working in New york city,US but would be moving to Toronto,canada on work visa for at-least 3 years (or longer).I own a Hyundai Tuscon 2019 Ultimate which i would taking along with me to canada . Does my car warranty be valid in canada ? regards Addy
  3. Canada
    I've got a 2017 Hyundai Tucson and for some reason I guess the engine stalled on me two nights ago. Got it towed to my mechanic. He called me yesterday saying that it looks like my engine ran out of oil. No clue how that's possible, drove it for about 5000km. Was gonna change it soon as it was...
  4. Palisade Forum
    Hyundai offers extended coverage up to 10 year/ 120k miles. - There are coverages available on both new & pre owned vehicles. If you are considering getting the extended coverage also known as a Hyundai Protection Plan, feel free to reach out to me as i can get you covered today. This is a MFG...
1-4 of 4 Results