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  1. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Good afternoon all, I'm Charlotte and I have just joined this forum. I bought a left-hand drive 2022 Tucson hybrid and started to import it to the UK. I was assured by the Hyundai customer service rep that Tucson's headlamps are designed not to dazzle opposite drivers, ECE certified and there...
  2. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I am attempting to update this vehicle using the navigation installer and selecting 2022 Tucson from the list. Twice now after following the instructions, the files have been downloaded as .tar files and are not recognized by the vehicle. I tried extracting them to the root of the USB but the...
  3. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I just ordered tucson hybrid limited in deep sea today, I was given an estimate of 3-4 months here in USA. Did any order it? if so what are your wait times?
  4. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Just got a 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid! It’s our first new car, so that’s exciting! Curious what accessories people have tried and liked?
  5. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I purchased the Hyundai Tucson 2022 SEL edition about a month ago, and I was told at the time of purchase you could add a tow. I have not yet been able to order one from Hyundai or any aftermarket places. Does anyone have any idea when one will be available?
  6. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Price catalog and Features catalog released in Korea for the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Has info about different interior and exterior colors for the tucson
  7. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    The 2022 Tucson will be offered with new powertrain options and will also be available in an N-Line variant, although Hyundai wouldn't divulge any details on that quite yet. The Tucson will make its North American debut on November 9 and will go on sale here toward the middle of 2021. The new...
  8. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Tucson fans, I have exciting news today. As you know the current model will be the same for 2021. but I got a tip about the next gen, Tucson NX4 which is now scheduled to debut on Sept. 14. Attaching a few screenshots here
1-10 of 10 Results