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  1. Marketplace Archive- move sold/expired posts here
    (4) Arctic Claw Winter WXI Tires 245/50R20 barely used Tires were only on vehicle for 4 months; installed brand new Oct 2021 & removed Feb 2022 with vehicle trade in $850 OBO
    $850 USD
  2. Palisade Forum
    I recently purchased a memory module from SharkRacing to permanently disable the Auto Start/Stop “feature”. I hate that feature...honestly, it’s the only thing I don’t like about the car. I just can’t find any information about how to gain access to the back of the Auto Start/Stop switch...the...
  3. Palisade Forum
    Recently, our Palisade is throwing "Check Blind Spot Collision Monitoring system error" and "Forward Collision Error". These errors come on when driving for a bit and than when the vehicle is restarted it will go away for while than come back on. I was wondering if there are any recalls or...
  4. Palisade Forum
    Hello, My wife and I bought a palisade last year in July! We love the car and have already put 10k miles on it. We are planning on taking the kids on an extended trip this summer to Florida and Colorado but Need A bit more space. When we bought the palisade we wanted roof rails but didn’t...
  5. Palisade Forum
    Hi guys. I been driving my Hyundai Palisade over a month now. And i have been using Hyundai Blue Link on my Palisade. Hyundai Blue Link worked great as a remote start every morning on my Hyundai Palisade 2019. Hyundai Blue Link does so much more than just remote start. Let me show you what...
  6. Palisade Forum
    Hello. I am getting ready to dive into possibly leasing a 2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL and Limited 3 Years @ 12K miles per year. Does anyone have the MF, Residual and lease cash for 91423? Also, any recent Palisade Limited leases out there to learn from? Thank you!
  7. Palisade Forum
    We are going for a road trip with Palisade Twins. My Hyundai Palisade has 3.8L V6, while the press car from Hyundai with 2.2L Diesel. Through out this 8 hours road trip, i will explain why i bought my Hyundai Palisade w/ 3.8L V6 & over Kia Telluride and Kia Mohave. Let’s go, guys! #palisade...
  8. Palisade Forum
    Last Friday, my new ride finally have arrived. Guess what i got. It’s 2019 Hyundai Palisade. Let me tell you why i bought Hyundai Palisade and how i got it. So sad i had to get Hyundai Veracruz go. This means that we have Hyundai Palisade as a long-term tester. Very excited to tell you...
1-9 of 9 Results