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    Hey, I have installed a Sony XVA-XVX4005DB I’m looking to connect up the factory camera to it. The Sony requires a yellow RCA plug input. Do I need to splice into the harness? Does anyone have instructions to do this. Tanks
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    I've had an auto electrician out to what I suspected was a wiring fault, but he's concluded the BCM is faulty. He said he wasn't able to replace Hyundai BCM's. Sourcing a replacement seems easy enough, there are heaps on eBay, but recoding seems to be the trick. I am prepared to buy a...
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    Hello, I have a problem with a hyundai i40. The Fault code displayed is P24C600. I changed the particulate matter soot sensor, which did not fix the problem. The DTC cannot be deleted and the wires are not at fault. Perhaps someone know what the possible cause of the problem could be and how it...
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    I have a Hyundai i40 with power seats. All the functions work except the recline switch. It will recline back but stops short when coming up. Anyone have any ideas. I know it maybe the switch but I’m not sure