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  1. Marketplace Archive- move sold/expired posts here
    I have 2 tow hitches for sale in new condition: 1) For a Santa Fe 2018-2020 with 2 inch receiver. $150 2) For a Tucson 2018-2020 with 1 1/4 inch receiver and harness. $200 Both hitches are in excellent condition and were mounted as demo units at the dealership were I purchased my cars. I ended...
  2. CN7 (2021+) Elantra
    Possibly crazy question, but I need to tow a very light trailer for trips to Home Depot etc. - Gross weight 1600 lbs. Can a 21 Elantra Hybrid tow this? Is there a reasonable way the instal a class 2 hitch that doesn't look too bad?
  3. Canada
    Hi, just wondering did anyone installed hitch to their Paliside. I have a 2020 model and looking to install one but I am not sure where to do. Plus a read a lot about how will that look after installed (well fit and loose from quality and visual perspective) and quality of the job done. Any...
  4. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I purchased the Hyundai Tucson 2022 SEL edition about a month ago, and I was told at the time of purchase you could add a tow. I have not yet been able to order one from Hyundai or any aftermarket places. Does anyone have any idea when one will be available?
  5. Marketplace Archive- move sold/expired posts here
  6. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    Looks for a quick pic if any of you have install a curt 11402 hitch. I have an SE with -one- exhaust and I need to figure out where I. Need to trim out the trim panel for the drivers side rear. Really just looking for a picture of the after install. I have specs of how to trim but not...
1-6 of 6 Results